Main Product Creation

The major purpose for a F2P business model is to make it easy for buyers to recognize that your game fulfills a need they did not know they had. Therefore, it is essential that the main product (free to play part) is great.

You should not remove features from an already designed great game and let consumers try on a turned-down version for free. Instead, you should add more features to make the paid version of the game. The F2P game should portray its richness and fullness through its contents or features.

Select and Stick with what is Free

You should never cut the number of features or contents of a F2P game already put in the market. Players will take it as a betrayal for a gift given then taken away. Generally, F2P is a proposal to your players given for free. You can never charge for something that is already offered for free.

Consider the Use Case

The most important business question is – what platform are you designing for? There are major differences in the use case set-ups for gamers on a mobile, PC or console platform, including payment options.

You should make your downloads as small as possible, very easy to simply start playing the game, and from the start to playing the game as short as possible and fun for all the platforms.


There are many steps from the player being interested in paid content to the player actually buying it. This makes impatient players give up before a purchase is made. You should concentrate paid content in large packages, and make it reliable and clear.


The distance from interest to purchase is often shorter than on console because you are frequently dealing with users directly. You need to decide on clients to use for distribution and what it means for the buying condition.


Mobile users are already registered at the operating system company with their credit cards. Hence, it is the optimal platform because the distance is very short from interest to purchase. They are used to buying games and apps with a few clicks.

You should consider carefully the users’ possibilities for moving as swiftly as possible from the F2P game to the greater paid game during your core product design.

Trust your users as they can provide valuable insights in what they like about it and what they do not like.

What would you do if the earth was for some reason overrun by corpses that rose from their graves? Probably you think you will be the hero of your town owing to the lots of experience that you have had with the walking dead. Experience which comes as a result of you being a gamer and playing the walking dead. Shot gunning rotting faces, and smashing zombie brains are just but some of the skill sets acquired from the countless time spent playing video games. When the apocalypse comes, we will all owe our lives to zombie video games. As a result, this article has gathered a list of some of the fun zombie games to increase your efficiency and skill.


A pure Hacked Zombie Games is the Dead Island: Riptide. It is full to the brim with action and enjoyable elements of survival. The game that came before it had its four characters escape the Banoi Island that was infested with the undead. This game however, has them landed on another different island which also is filled by the zombies. The game has a new character added and can be enjoyed in co-op mode. Try Hay day tips or Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics/KKH tips when you get a chance!

With mobile games so popular right now, it is hard to find a game that gets you hooked easily. However, I have actually found 2 games that really stand out from the rest.

Clash of Clans For Android/PC

I sometimes wonder how this mobile game can become so popular. Perhaps it is the strategy and challenge is what attracts player to this game.

You will need to figure out how to defend your empire and also steal resources from other players at the same time. There are plenty of units for you to use to gain an advantage in an attack. If you have any trouble, be sure to check out this clash of clans strategy guide.

Brave Frontier

This is one of the newest games in town. It is also very addicting. You get to evolve all kinds of units and the battles are very fun and exciting as well. It has an rpg element to it. I am sure all rpg fans will really enjoy this mobile game. If you already started playing this game, I highly suggest you check out the Brave Frontier guide.

You won’t regret playing this 2 games because they are just that good!

If you don’t like them, you can go back to candy crush or jelly splash.

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